Central Solution Group

We manage every aspect of your move to keep business running as usual.

Planning & Strategy

CSG considers our clients as partners. We see ourselves as an integral part of your team. We provide invaluable insight at the beginning of the project planning stages to run through various logistical scenarios to set your team up for the best possible relocation solutions. Often the earlier our team is brought into the planning stages, the stakeholders find more is lifted off their shoulders to handle other corporate responsibilities.

  • Initial Project Assessment
  • Occupancy Planning
  • Prepare Project Schedule
  • Prepare Project Budget
  • Create Project Timeline
  • Assess Storage, Furniture, & Technology Needs

Change Management

Any business manager knows that people are their most important asset. A successful relocation is just as much about the physical assets as it is the occupants of the new space. CSG provides a full service program to assist your employees with the transition from Point A to Point B, as well as effectively communicate to your stakeholders with pertinent information before, during, and after the physical relocation takes place.

  • Assess and Analyze Readiness for Cultural Change
  • Develop Communication Strategy
  • Educate Associates on Move Process
  • Run Town Halls and Virtual meetings
  • Create Email, Newsletters, & Intranet update

Office Relocation Consulting and Implementation

CSG provides comprehensive move strategies to relocate facilities of any size. Our project management team will oversee the entire project from start to finish including pre-move activities, main move coordination, and post move implementation to ensure your team has minimal downtime and business carries on as usual.

  • Strategic Planning, Communication, & Coordination
  • Asset Management
  • Furniture Services (Design, Procurement, Installation, and Removal)
  • Vendor Management
  • Coordinate Relocation Logistics
  • Physical Move Implementation
  • Manage Warehousing and Storage Needs
  • Post Relocation Closeout

Technology Implementation

CSG provides services to ensure a seamless relocation of your physical technology assets. We work closely with your IT stakeholders to ensure voice and data needs are met throughout the project. We look to streamline the process by managing the de-installation, connection, and reconfiguration of assets. In addition, we handle the procurement, warehousing, delivery, and install of new assets as required by the project specifics.

  • Technology Pre-Move Survey
  • Desktop Equipment Disconnect & Reconnect
  • Physical Technology Relocation & Logistics
  • Server Room Relocation
  • Data Center Relocation

Facility Decommission & Shutdown Services

Closing down a facility of any size is both time consuming and overwhelming. There are a myriad of assets to be accounted for and either relocated or removed from the facility in order to vacate the property for a lease end or to prepare a building for sale. CSG offers full turn-key services to shutdown corporate facilities, while allowing the stakeholders to continue on with business as usual.

  • Coordinate Full Turn-key and Partial Building Decommission
  • De-install Systems Furniture
  • Manage Electrical/Voice/Data Termination for Lease End
  • Broom Sweep Services
  • Furniture Removal
  • Manage Donations/Repurposing
  • Manage the Entire Facility Shutdown
  • Liquidation of equipment
  • Recycle and/or Removal of Items that Cannot be Sold
  • Redeploy Equipment to another corporate facility

Electronic Waste & Donation Services

CSG offers comprehensive electronic recycling and office supply donation services. We manage the logistics of your pick-up, we ethically process the items, and can provide serialized inventory tracking of your material; we then provide you with all certifications of destruction and recycling. We maintain all end of life records and downstream documentation you may require for sustainability reporting.

  • Secure Pick-up and Removal of Electronics
  • E-waste Inventory Management
  • Secure Data Destruction
  • Donation Organization
  • Donation Delivery Logistics
  • Organize Associate Archive/Clean-out/Donation Campaign

Specialty Services

CSG understands that no relocation is exactly the same. However, there are some facilities that are in a league of their own. We pride ourselves in customizable strategic plans not only for standard corporate offices, but for industry specific sites, including but not limited to Data Centers, Laboratories, Warehouses, Hospitality, Universities/Schools, etc.

  • Archives
  • Data Center Relocations/Data Migrations
  • Hospitals
  • Hospitality Venues
  • Laboratory Moves
  • Universities and Schools
  • Warehouse/Industrious Space Relocations
  • Industry Specific – Corporate Offices, Sales Offices, Call Centers, Law Offices, Banking/Financial, Insurance, Churches, Libraries, Refineries, Laboratories, Campuses and Software / Technology.