Central Solution Group

Multi-phase internal restack between dual campus sites.

Project Highlights

  • 2,100 EMPLOYEES
Central Solution Group

The Challenge

Manage a seven-phase move of 2,100 associates between two facilities on one corporate campus in order to best align associates with their business units for workplace efficiencies.

Extensive planning in order to ensure all departments signed off on occupancy plan including allotment of space for special department needs and requests.

The two sites had unique furniture layouts, which called for extensive IT & end user equipment inventory to ensure workplace efficiencies in both buildings for all users.

Central Solution Group

The “Central” Solution

Central created a dynamic relocation team consisting of both on-site and remote support. A comprehensive relocation plan was created outlining key milestones and action items needed from all project players in order to meet the project requirements and timelines on the projected budget.

Central performed a detailed end user technology inventory by sending a team member on-site to inspect all associates desks to ensure a seamless relocation plan could be executed.

Initiated a weekly call with upper management and move champions to review progress and ensure proper action items were completed and deadlines were being met.

Communication was a key component to this project. Detailed move instructions and campus wide communications were provided to the key players to distribute to the end users impacted to ensure for a smooth move with little disruption to workplace productivity.